The riding centre

My name is Angie, I am the Proprietor of Bank Farm Equestrian Centre and Bank Farm Properties and Leisure Ltd, a family owned business since the 1930s.

I have lived at Bank Farm all my life and never want to live anywhere else!

Your Equestrian Centre

Our two menage, riding school, cross country course and stables are situated on the edge of the Wyre Forest, in the heart of the Severn valley, on the banks of the river Severn.

I have ridden since I was 5 years old. I trained as a coach as soon as I left school and have worked and competed at competition yards before coming home and running my own equestrian centre and now run the business as a whole, a happy fusion of Holidays and Horses.

A Wealth of horse Experience

I have experience in many areas of riding specialising mainly in competitive jumping and cross country.  Personally, show jumping, team chasing and hunting are my favourite past times.



I believe very strongly that the foundation for any good confident horse and rider comes from hacking out and experiencing different terrain and surroundings. This is especially good for natural balance and you can learn as much if not more about your own riding and your horse in this vast playground riding school as you can in a ménage. I have always been fortunate to live in such a wonderful area.


I would like to share the Wyre forest and Severn valley with you…

Here at Bank Farm I believe that whether you are riding one of my horses or your own there is the perfect riding area to explore and enjoy with your four legged friends. From sweeping forestry tracks to steep hidden valleys there is never a shortage of varied terrain for all levels of rider.

Ride all day with hardly any need to touch a road…

A young girl on horseback riding though tall ferns

It’s a luxury that many riders just don’t have nowadays!..

We are far from a nose to tail trekking centre and I don’t like horses following mundanely one behind another.  They are not machines so I like them to give you an individual safe but spontaneous ride.

Sight see from your saddle and think of it as not just a ride but an experience.

I look forward to seeing you soon.