Livery and stabling near Bewdley

Are you looking for a yard for your horse where they can live as close to a natural environment as possible? Can’t get to your horse every day of the week? Let us take some of the strain out of owning a horse, we can provide a part, working or full livery…

All horses live to our equestrian centre routine and love it. DIY isn’t an option we can cater for.

Friendly Staff – Team work makes the dream work!

Here at Bank Farm we pride ourselves in caring for your horse on a day to day basis with the horses best interests in mind. Our well organised team of staff work hard to ensure, on the whole, horses are well behaved and have good manners. They are unspoilt… but we do love a cuddle! We are a friendly bunch, the kettle is always on, so if your making a cuppa, don’t forget one for us.

Grazing And Turnout

During the Summer we use our large rolling river fields and grass paddocks and allow all horses to live in a herd, some herds smaller than others but we don’t do individual turnout, we love how relaxed all of our horses are because they feel like horses.

In the Winter due to the clay ground we have hard standing turn out paddocks with shelters. Each horse has its own stable in a covered American style barn where they enjoy breakfast and a good old nap! This barn is dedicated to Livery’s only.


Your horse can eat as much hay as you would like, hard feed, we use Frickers, It is a wonderful feed that contains all the vitamins and minerals your horse needs in just half a scoop, so no need for any extra supplements! All our horses are fed to their weight and workload, since moving over to this feed our horses have flourished! Don’t get us wrong it isn’t a cheap option but you certainly get what you pay for! All feed, hay and Frickers is included in the livery price.

Part livery £95 per week

  • You do four days we do three, the three days that we do we will provide a full livery service
  • As part of our equestrian centre routine we will always get your horse in and give them breakfast no matter what day it is, so you only need to come to the yard once a day if you so choose
  • Hay, feed and bedding is included
  • Shoes are not included in the cost, you are welcome to use our farrier, your horse will be checked every 6 weeks, payment due when we get the invoice

Full livery £200 per week

  • Set of shoes inclusive ( no other yards include this )
  • Keep & bedding
  • Mucking out
  • Feed individually tailored to your horses needs and work levels Worming administering and any medication and supplements.
  • Daily rug off and on as necessary and each horse is seen to and checked
  • Turning out /catching in
  • Picking feet out washing legs if required
  • All paddock care checking water fences etc.
  • Exercise on horse walker as required. Lunging or loose schooling Treatment of minor ailments that do not need veterinary inspection
  • Bringing in and time taken holding for farriers, vets, physio and saddle checks
    Use of lockable tack room

Working Livery – £140 per week

Further details upon request